Bruschi opines on extension of talks

In a spot on SportsCenter this afternoon, ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi shared his thoughts on news that NFL owners and the NFL Players Association have agreed to a seven-day extension in talks toward a new collective bargaining agreement.

"I think it's a great development," Bruschi said. "The further along they can push D-Day is good news because it means they're talking more, it means that something is on the table that is making them want to stick around that table and continue to negotiate. This extension gives them more time to do that. This is a great development toward the possibility of a deal getting done."

Bruschi was asked if he thinks a deal will get done.

"I was skeptical up to this point, [thinking] a lockout was imminent," he answered. "With this extension -- [first] 24 hours, now seven days -- it's even given me a little bit of hope. I don't feel like the lockout is inevitable now. Fans can start to have hope that a deal can possibly get done."