Podcast: Time is now for Patriots

A Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss is now posted on ESPNBoston.com, and it's broken down this way:

1. A look back at some of the big Patriots happenings since mid-January.

2. A look ahead to the draft, free agency and other ways for the Patriots to improve.

3. Answering questions from Patriots followers.

At one point, Bruschi talks about one of the big offseason debates -- the need for a big-play receiver on the outside of the field.

"I think the Patriots do need an outside receiver, for that immediate success that I'm talking about," Bruschi says. "It's only about the Super Bowls right now. We talked about Tom Brady and getting him the best possible team so he can lead that team to another championship. Do you want to wait on these young guys to develop, with the chance of them not developing? Or go out and get somebody?

"I think you should go out and get somebody. I'd love to see Sidney Rice in a New England Patriots uniform [once free agency officially starts]."

Bruschi was also asked a hypothetical about trading for Panthers receiver Steve Smith once the 2011 league year officially starts. Would he give up a second-round draft choice for Smith?

"I know Coach Belichick really feels strongly about Steve Smith. He likes him a lot," Bruschi says. "Trading a second-round pick -- possibly. My theory on the draft is that you really can't use all those picks. You have to trade some away, because if you use all those picks, now you're becoming too young."