Four to know on the NFL Draft

Four picked-up pieces from ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper's conference call with reporters earlier this week:

Weak points of draft. Inside linebacker, safety and tight end are positions where the talent is especially thin. Because of that, top players at those positions might go higher than they normally would because of the lack of depth. At safety, Kiper envisions a scenario where UCLA's Rahim Moore goes in the early first-round or early second-round, then the next safety might not come off the board until the fourth round.

Sweet spot for corners in mid rounds. Patrick Peterson (LSU) and Prince Amukamara (Nebraska) are widely viewed as the top two cornerbacks in the draft, then there is a dropoff in terms of top talent. But the overall group of players at the position is considered strong. "There are a lot of corners," Kiper said. "If you don't get one in the first, you can certainly get no worse than a nickel type in the third, fourth, fifth round -- maybe even a guy who can be even your second corner."

UConn's Todman a second- or third-rounder. Kiper envisions UConn running back Jordan Todman, of Dartmouth, Mass., coming off the board in the second or third round because of his combination of speed at running back and return ability. "The way I rank the running backs, it would be Mark Ingram, a mid-first rounder. Then Mikel Leshoure -- a late 1, early-to-mid- 2 -- then Jordan Todman is third overall on my ratings board. I'm high on Todman."

Mixed opinion on No. 3 receiver in draft. After A.J.Green (Georgia) and Julio Jones (Alabama), there are questions at receiver. "After the first two, find me the third receiver? There is no consensus there," Kiper said. "I have Leonard Hankerson, from Miami, at that point right now. Torrey Smith, from Maryland, is in the second round. Tandon Doss, from Indiana, is in the second or third round. There are a lot of other guys in that second- or third-round mix, but that third receiver, good luck figuring out who it is going to be."