More perspective on season tickets

Some fan responses on Twitter today on whether they will renew season tickets by March 31:

STP43FAN -- "Owners have to spend money to make money. If you have season tix, renew them - stay with the team."

pats12to83 -- "4 of us have been tix holders since '93; have not even considered giving them up because of Tailgating n getting to see everyone."

aweinograd -- "Value is the bottom line. If i can still find people to take tickets when i can't go and it is still a good team, i will renew."

pacman5584 -- "high ticket prices that ends up not going back into the team.1st round knockouts,contract squables. Makes you at question renewel."

Woodlin37 -- "if any1 isnt renewing im happy to up sticks from the uk and take a seat!! good and bad times im always a patriot!"

gabbo529 -- "Please more people don't renew because the Pats haven't won a SB in 7 years (god forbid); will get rid of the fairweather fans."

MrPlayer67 -- "Had mine since 1993 and will renew again. I don't want to miss a second of the Brady/Belichick/Kraft era."

truth480 -- "Not only will I not renew, but I'll never attend another NFL game either. DONE!"

HallJoeA -- "I updated my upgrade request yesterday. My sister is close on the waiting list and will pounce if given the opportunity."

Tom_Anderson68 -- "Not renewing. Whether they settle tomorrow or not. Bad taste after last couple of weeks."

unclegrimm -- "been on the waiting list since '00 and still waiting."

kevinridolfi -- "Still struggling with the renewal decision. A big financial commitment in normal years. Now loans to extremely rich owners? Ouch."

bassmasterjoe -- "Will renew this year but could be my last. The shine is off their apple. Concerned Pats becoming Bruins-like 1st round knockouts."

ChiroGuyDC -- "on the Patriots waiting list since '01...maybe my time is almost here!"

tpaluzzi -- "I've been on waiting list since 2001 and we finally got offered to buy tix for this upcoming season. Keep the Faith!"

WAD1980 -- "I renewed my season tix. I love #NFL & #Patriots have been an elite team for the balance of the Kraft's tenure. They will play."

tomwatsonpats -- "I renewed my season tix yesterday primarily because of BB, TB12 and team success. Also 50k on waiting list."