Belichick keeps strong ties with Weis

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has maintained strong ties with former New England offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. This was captured in a FoxSportsFlorida.com piece by Scott Carter which profiled Weis.

This snippet of the piece caught the eye:

"Belichick grew up a coach’s son like Charlie Jr., learning to break down game film when he was 9 from his father Steve, a former coach at Navy and longtime professional scout. Belichick still talks to Charlie Jr. frequently about goals and coaching.

“The Patriots lose to the Jets in the playoffs, and the next day – I’m talking to Charlie that night – and he goes, ‘Coach Belichick called and talked for a while today’ ’’ Weis said. “He’s driving home from work and he’s talking to Charlie about how everything’s going."

I had wondered about Belichick's connection to Weis, who has been at Notre Dame, the Kansas City Chiefs, and now the University of Florida since his coaching stint under Belichick in New England. When Weis was available in 2010, and the Patriots didn't have an official offensive coordinator, it made sense to connect the dots that perhaps Weis might return to New England.

It didn't happen, but the connection between the two obviously remains strong if he's calling Weis' son the day after a crushing playoff loss to the Jets.