'Chatter' with Pats' No. 28 pick

NEW ORLEANS -- Bill Belichick has made 44 draft-day trades in his tenure as Patriots coach, so this comes as little surprise. There is "chatter" that the Patriots have let clubs know they are willing to move their No. 28 overall selection in the NFL Draft, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Kevin Acee writes, "The only concrete thing to go on at this time is that a high-ranking Chargers insider confirmed the team has heard the chatter about the Patriots desire to maneuver with the 28th pick and said the idea is intriguing."

The Patriots had the No. 28 pick in the 2007 draft and traded it to the San Francisco 49ers. They received a 2008 first-round draft choice and a 2007 fourth-round draft choice in return.

That would likely be the level of compensation the Patriots would be seeking in any type of deal this year.

As Acee notes, the Patriots and Chargers have been trade partners in the past, so this could be something to keep on the radar. The Patriots and Chargers are also "power players" in this draft. Between the two teams, they have 11 selections in the first three rounds.