Kraft on Pats approach with Mankins

NEW ORLEANS -- Patriots president Jonathan Kraft answered questions from reporters this afternoon at the NFL's annual meeting. One question was on how he'd respond to suggestions that the Patriots are at odds internally when it comes to negotating with Logan Mankins.

"I think sometimes agents feel it's their job to throw out rhetoric to get things moving when they can't get things moving in the traditional way," he responded. "The bottom line is I don't recall any situation since Bill [Belichick] has been our head coach where there has been a divide. We sit down in a room and we discuss things that are big things, and we have a unified front. That's the case in this situation too.

"I think the agent, in this case, feels rhetoric helps to get deals done. We feel like we put a very fair offer on the table. We would like Logan to be a Patriot, retire a Patriot. He's a great football player. But we're not allowed to talk to Logan or his agent until all of this [labor situation] gets resolved."