A feel for the 125th draft pick

Now that compensatory draft choices have been awarded by the NFL, the exact spots of each Patriots draft pick is known. Prior to Friday, only the spots in the first, second and third round were solidified.

1a. 17th overall

1b. 28th overall

2a. 33rd overall

2b. 60th overall

3a. 74th overall

3b. 92nd overall

4. 125th overall

5. 159th overall

6. 193rd overall

A look at some of the recent players picked in those spots will be highlighted. On Saturday, the 193 spot was in focus, and on Sunday, the 159 spot was in focus. Today, it's 125 (fourth round).

2010: TE Clay Harbor (Eagles)

2009: DE Lawrence Sidbury (Falcons)

2008: WR Arman Shields (Raiders)

2007: OT Jermon Bushrod (Saints)

2006: WR Skyler Green (Cowboys)

2005: LB Brady Poppinga (Packers)

2004: CB Jason David (Colts)

ANALYSIS: Jason David, Brady Poppinga and Jermon Bushrod all earned starting spots at one point, with Bushrod protecting Drew Brees' blind-side as the Saints' left tackle. Clay Harbor also showed some promise last year for the Eagles, earning more playing time later in the year. If the Patriots keep all their draft picks -- which is unlikely -- this selection would be their seventh. This could be an ideal spot to draft a developmental-type quarterback, if the team is thinking along those lines.