Bodden: Shoulder feels 'great'

In an interview with Sirius NFL Radio this morning, Patriots cornerback Leigh Bodden gave a positive report on his rehabiltation from a torn rotator cuff that cost him the 2010 season. Bodden is currently working out in Maryland.

“The rehab is great, my arm feels great,” Bodden told hosts Bob Papa and Ross Tucker. “I was thinking to myself the other day, ‘Man, I’m ready for some action. I’m ready to play.'”

Bodden added that he is eager to get on the field and jam receivers, testing how far the injury has come.

“Soon enough,” he said. “The longer I have to heal, the better it is, but it’s really feeling good. I still continue to rehab every day. It's feeling great.”

Bodden also touched on an event in Maryland tonight in which he is promoting money management to youngsters, in addition to sharing his thoughts on fellow Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty.

"When he first came, he made a few plays where I was amazed and shocked," Bodden said of McCourty, before adding: "I didn't think he'd be that good."

"He's a very smart player and that's the thing that some rookies don't have, the knowledge of the game," Bodden said.