Soundbites from Tedy Bruschi on WEEI

ESPN's Tedy Bruschi, whose analysis on the Patriots is a staple on ESPNBoston.com, was an in-studio guest on sports radio WEEI in Boston on Monday. Bruschi spent time with hosts Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley on “The Big Show” (listen here) and touched on a variety of topics.

Some soundbites:

Why he likes defensive end/outside linebacker Brooks Reed for Patriots. “He’s from my alma mater. He’s a defensive end coming out, had a great Combine, showed that he could drop back in coverage, do things that an outside linebacker can do – gets after the passer, ran one of the fastest 10-yard splits in the draft. He’s a guy that I’m very excited about. I’d love to see him in a New England Patriots uniform.”

Don’t underestimate Mark Herzlich of Boston College. “He has New England Patriot written all over him. His best football is in front of him. Of course he came back from Ewing's sarcoma last year and they put a titanium rod in his femur. He didn’t look the same way he did in ’08, but I know a little something about these comebacks. Once you get that first year under your belt, that’s when you start playing your best football.”

Top picks for the Patriots. “I’d like to see some interior offensive line help and an outside linebacker.”

NFL lockout and the challenge of keeping players together. “Come September, it’s going to be impossible, if it goes that far. If the lockout is upheld, I believe this will go into September because that’s when the owners will seriously have leverage. The players won’t start to feel it until they stop getting paid. That first check is September 15. When they start missing those, then it’s like ‘I’ve got to do something here.’”

How he would end the lockout to satisfy both parties. “I think the players are going to have to make some concessions, seriously. I think the owners decided two years ago … [Gene Upshaw] used to come into the locker room when he was executive director of the union, and he’d say ‘Guys, this is how much you get, this is how much they get, and don’t ever give any of it back.’ I think that’s going to have to change and players will have to make some concessions to make this lockout end.”

Tom Brady’s role in the lawsuit against the NFL and if it affects his relationship with the Krafts. “I don’t think so. I hope it doesn’t; I know Tom’s relationship with the Krafts is spectacular. I would think they also saw this as a sign of his loyalty to the NFLPA.”

What the Patriots need to advance to next level. “The one thing that I believe they had to do to get this team better, to get to that championship level, they can’t do right now because of the labor situation. I think they need to bring some more veterans in to help that mentality of the locker room. … When you look at that playoff game, I saw a lot of younger players and the impression I got was that they were looking to Tom Brady to do something. You can’t do that in the playoffs. You have to do it yourself.”

Tedy’s Team in the Boston Marathon. “The Boston Marathon is upon us once again, and I have a group of runners and we raise funds and awareness for the American Stroke Association. A group of 43 runners, and it’s our sixth year already. These men and women have done an incredible job. We have seven stroke survivors that are running on the team.”