Mankins goes high in '05 re-draft

Initial reaction to the Patriots' selection of offensive lineman Logan Mankins in the 2005 first round (32nd overall) did not produce much excitement. A guard doesn't exactly fire up the masses.

But looking back, the Patriots nailed it.

This thought came to mind in reading Michael Lombardi's 2005 re-draft on NFL.com. The premise of the piece is that "if we could do the 2005 draft over again, here is how the picks would go."

Lombardi slots Mankins third to the Browns (who had taken receiver Braylon Edwards that year).

"If the Browns were looking for the best player in the draft, regardless of position, Mankins would have been the better choice," Lombardi writes. "Is third overall too early to take a guard? It's never too early to add a Pro Bowl player."