RB Ingram tweets on Boston trip

NFL teams have until Wednesday for their 30 in-house visits with prospects, and Alabama running back Mark Ingram tweeted this morning that he was en route to Boston.

"Headed to the airport, off to Boston," Ingram tweeted. "Another week living in the airport."

Ingram is viewed as one of the top running backs in the draft, although some analysts have recently noted he could be slipping into the lower part of the first round, perhaps because of concerns with his knee.

Teams often use their in-house visits to double-check medical questions. The visits don't necessarily indicate genuine interest, but are probably best described as being a final part of the information-gathering process before the team places a final grade on the player and stacks the draft board.

Coincidentally, Peter King of SI.com wrote today on the possibility of Ingram landing with the Patriots.

"Someone who knows Bill Belichick well told me the other day his MO for this draft will be like it's been for many others: Approach a pick like he wants to trade it, wait until there's a minute left on the clock, and if he doesn't have a good offer, turn in a name to pick," King writes in his "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece.

"This person said he thinks this could be the case at number 28, with Mark Ingram on the board. He'll have Ingram in his back pocket -- the Patriots love him -- and if they don't get a good offer from a team moving up (probably moving up for a quarterback), Belichick could say, "Turn in the card for Ingram.''