Poll: Thoughts on schedule release

The NFL will announce the 2011 regular-season schedule tonight (7 p.m. ET). This is usually one of the more exciting days on the football calendar, as it creates an opportunity for fans to plan part of the fall season.

Yet based on some reaction on Twitter, the dark labor clouds hovering over the NFL make this year different.

"Great. It will be awesome to know which game will be cancelled first because of the lockout," mattmorgan46 wrote.

"I already saw the 2011 schedule ... Week 1: no games Week 2: no games Week 3: no games... #hopeimwrong," was the response from Matt_Rainone.

"Newsflash my man ... until the lockout is over the NFL can go ...," wrote CompanyManRM203.

In casual discussions over the last few months, this is the most common question heard: Will there be football in 2011? It seems some don't want to get their hopes up, only to have them dashed if there is no season.

With this in mind, share your thoughts on tonight's schedule release in the accompanying poll.