Setting up a 2nd-round mock draft

Last Wednesday, the second-annual ESPNBoston.com "four-headed" mock draft was held and it was a lot of fun. Three commenters who regularly add great insight on the blog -- "PatsFanTRichter", "Mr. Scratch" and "401PATSFAN" -- combined to produce a neat snapshot of a possible first round.

Now it's time to focus on the second round. Let's do it tomorrow.

The Patriots, at No. 33, will be on the clock starting at 9 a.m.

Commenter "gln826", who was part of our 2010 "four-headed" mock draft, is signed on for this second-round mock. "Boomdizzle420" had also expressed interest in joining (let's confirm in the comments section).

Meanwhile, if "PatsFanTRichter", "Mr. Scratch" and "401PATSFAN" are available and willing, it would be great to have you back (let's confirm in the comments section).

Depending on how it works out, it could be a "six-headed" second-round mock, which could make things a bit easier when studying team needs and matching them up with what happened in the first-round mock.