Pats represented in top-100 ranking

Ranking the top 100 players in the NFL is a daunting task, and Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com does it annually. Prisco's rankings came out this week -- split between 1-50 and 51-100 -- and the Patriots are represented in a handful of spots:

1t. Tom Brady -- Quarterback is tied with Peyton Manning at the top.

56. Devin McCourty -- Cornerback was the 27th player picked last year, but he's already mentioned in elite category.

60. Vince Wilfork -- Defensive lineman ranks below Haloti Ngata but is noted for his top-notch play at two spots.

62. Jerod Mayo -- Linebacker's solid play and high tackle total, with younger players around him, draws mention.

Receiver Wes Welker and guard Logan Mankins were included in the "just missed" category.