No team thinks 'D' more than Pats

Mike Sando, who covers the NFC West for ESPN.com and often views things through a wider NFL lens, produces a chart on his blog today looking at the teams which have drafted defense the most in early rounds since 2007.

Sando has taken a snapshot from 2007-2010, focusing on the first two rounds. What he uncovered is that no team has drafted a higher percentage of defensive players over that span than the Patriots (9 of 11, 81.8 percent).

Even if one takes 2007, and adds the acquisition of receiver Wes Welker to the list (he was acquired for a second-round draft choice), the Patriots would still be tied for the top spot.

The lone offensive players taken by the Patriots in the first two rounds over that span are offensive tackle Sebastian Vollmer (2009, second round) and tight end Rob Gronkowski (2010, second round).