Video: Talking Pats draft philosophy

In the latest in our series of videos from our SportsCenter Patriots Draft Special (watch above), our panelists -- ESPNBoston.com’s Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss, ESPN draft guru Todd McShay and Patriots Football Weekly’s Andy Hart -- discuss the Patriots’ draft philosophy.

Will the Patriots move up in the draft? Will they move back? Will they stand pat and make their picks? Or will they move out of the draft and stockpile picks in the future?

Reiss, for one, thinks the Patriots -- consistent with Bill Belichick’s “big picture” philosophy -- will trade at least some of their nine picks this season into the future.

“The thing to think about next year, in 2012 they have just 5 picks,” Reiss said. “I can’t remember another time in Bill Belichick’s 11 years as coach that they’ve gone into the draft with such few picks the next year. I have no doubt that he’s going to try to add on to those this year.”