7th-rounder also had CFL, UFL on radar

Chris Warner of Patriots Daily catches up with Patriots seventh-round draft choice Malcolm Williams for a Q&A that details Williams' unlikely journey to New England.

Williams tells Warner that he had heard the Patriots and Texans were two teams who might draft him, but he was also considering contingency plans.

"Throughout the whole process, me and my dad were looking for CFL tryouts or UFL tryouts, and I ended up attending three CFL tryouts and one UFL tryout," Williams says. "I did pretty well at that, so I was expecting if the draft didn’t work out, then I knew I’d get a call from one of these CFL teams. I had a Plan A and B going pretty well for me. It just so happens Plan A worked out so I’m pretty happy about that."

Another interesting aspect of Williams' journey to the NFL came in 2006 when he worked at DFW airport for six months.

It wasn't until he heard from a coach at Trinity Valley Community College that his football career got back on track.