No financial changes for Pats staffers

Jeff Darlington, who covers the Miami Dolphins for the Miami Herald, reports today that the team is cutting salaries of employees.

Writes Darlington: “Team executives advised all members of the organization during a meeting Tuesday that pay cuts would be immediately issued across the board until the lockout ends, multiple sources said. Any members of the team making more than $75,000 will face a 20 percent pay cut. Those making below below $75,000 face a 15 percent pay cut and anyone below the $50,000 will be hut with a 10 percent pay cut.”

After reading this, the thought came to mind to check with the Patriots. Have they instituted any cuts?

The answer is no.

As has been noted by others, one aspect that makes the Patriots a bit different than other clubs is that Robert Kraft owns and operates both the stadium and team. Because of this, many employees have crossover responsibilities to a lot of other things.