Catching up with safety James Sanders

Patriots safety James Sanders, who enters his seventh season with the team in 2011, caught up with "The Meat Locker" blog this week. The story was passed along via Twitter.

Here are some of the quick hits from the interview, which Sanders also tweeted about:

Training in Fresno. Sanders is spending the offseason in Fresno, California, training with his former college teammate Richard Marshall. "We get together on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, four days a week, and we just grind. Our trainer out here, Steve Sabonya, has done a great job getting us in shape, as well as our sprint coach Josh Norman. We run hills, we have strict weightlifting regiments … the first couple weeks were brutal. But they do a great job.”

What it's like to compete against Tom Brady. Daily practices are intense, in part because of Brady. "It definitely prepares you," Sanders said. "Not taking a shot at the other quarterbacks around the league, and we have some great quarterbacks in our league, but Tom is just different. To be able to compete against him each day, and our offense with our receivers and tight ends and different styles and packages that they put together, is a tremendous advantage."

What it's like to be coached by Bill Belichick. Sanders shares his thoughts on playing for the man he believes is "going to go down as one of the greatest coaches of all time." One aspect that stands out to him is commitment. "You just learn from him that if you want to be great at something you have to put your all into it. You see that he puts his all into each game during the season. He never leaves the facility as he is always preparing and always trying to gain an edge on our opponent. He instills that on the members of the team, and encourages us to prepare extremely hard."