McCourty capitalized on brief lift of lockout

Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty was a guest on various ESPN programs Thursday, including ESPNBoston Radio with Adam Jones. Audio of the ESPNBoston interview can be listened to here, as McCourty touched on what life has been like for him during the lockout.

One aspect that stood out was how McCourty took advantage of the late-April day when the lockout was briefly lifted, speaking to members of the coaching staff. He also had discussions with coaches prior to the lockout.

McCourty was asked what the message was from the coaches.

"For me, it was just seeing how I was doing and really catching up," McCourty said. "Before the lockout, we were discussing plans on how to work out and stay in shape, just because of the uncertainty. I think Coach was trying to see what the players were doing. It's hard to really give advice as far as what to do individually, but I know me and my coaches talked about some technical things to work on from film and different things like that."

McCourty is spending the majority of his offseason working out at Rutgers and playing pick-up basketball, while also joining some of his teammates in Massachusetts for organized workouts. He explained what has taken place at those workouts.

"Just a regular workout that you would do anywhere else -- you have a lift, maybe some speed training and quickness, different things like that. And one day we'll go out and just backpedal a little bit and do some drills, to make sure you're staying alert and staying after it," McCourty said. "You can't actually go out and go through an OTA [organized team activity] practice or anything, but it's kind of keeping your technique and craft good."

McCourty is itching to return to Gillette Stadium.

"As players and competitors, we can't wait to get back at it," he said. "As far as taking advantage [of the lockout], I've got to spend a lot of time with my mom, which is different than past years, even in college. My brother [Jason] has been home a lot, we're both home, and we've been back in the family setting so it's been good for my family and myself to get a little vacation. But I'm not going to lie, I'm ready to get back after it and start playing football."