Pats d-linemen bond at Wilfork's home

Patriots players sometimes say that their teammates are like extended family. During the season, they spend as much time, if not more, with those teammates as they do with their immediate family.

That connection was highlighted today when second-year defensive lineman Kyle Love tweeted the following: "At Vincent Wilfork's crib having a great time with the big homie! Gerard Warren, Ron Brace, and Brandon Deaderick here too."

Wilfork has been spending parts of the offseason at his Florida home. In this case, he's opened his doors to three young teammates -- Love, Brace and Deaderick -- as well as one former teammate (Warren) who potentially could return in 2011.

Wilfork is one of the Patriots' captains and this highlights one way in which he leads. In the locker room, Wilfork has Deaderick to his left and Love to his right.

This shows how his leadership extends beyond those locker room walls.