Mesko talks NFL vs. college football

Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko is the subject of a "Catching up with ..." feature in the Ann Arbor News, and he touches on his transition from Michigan to the NFL.

One aspect that stood out to him was how challenging it was to develop camaraderie in the pro game vs. college.

"It’s definitely not college football, not Michigan at all. Because it is a business, and you see every intricacy of it come forth in everything you deal with, guys holding out, renegotiating their contracts. But that’s why I appreciate Michigan that much more because it is such a team-oriented sport at the college level," Mesko tells reporter Michael Rothstein.

"Just the camaraderie and the pride you have at the college level versus the NFL level. A lot of guys don’t buy into the team concept, maybe, it’s more about feeding your family, that’s what it comes down to. At the same time there are little, minute instances where you forget you’re playing for money and you’re having fun and you’re winning. That’s what I like about it, those little windows throughout the experience."