Pat Patriot over Flying Elvis?

You know it's a slow time during the NFL lockout when ESPN.com has its football staffers rank ... helmets?

Indeed, the helmet "power rankings" are in, and the Patriots' current logo didn't make the top-10 cut. Of the eight ballots in the poll, the Patriots' logo showed up on just one of them (8th place, by AFC North reporter James Walker).

But when it comes to "retro" helmets, one ranking puts "Pat Patriot" at No. 2.

"Is there anyone -- anyone at all -- who prefers Flying Elvis over Pat Patriot?" Paul Lukas of the Uni Watch blog writes on ESPN.com's Page 2. "Right, didn't think so. Bring back Pat!"

Opinions have varied over the years on this topic.

Some Patriots fans associate "Pat Patriot" with tough football times when the Patriots struggled as a franchise, while the "Flying Elvis" represents a fresh start and three Super Bowl championships. Others would like to see "Pat Patriot" return on a permanent basis.