Adam Vinatieri & his Patriots place

Adam Vinatieri delivered some of the most clutch kicks in Patriots and NFL history. If not for his steel focus and accuracy in pressure moments, the Patriots might not have been crowned Super Bowl champions in 2001, 2003 and 2004.

During his playing days here, Vinatieri was revered by most. Then came 2006, when Vinatieri was a free agent and signed with the rival Indianapolis Colts, which put a dagger through the hearts of some Patriots followers.

Has time healed those wounds?

As the Patriots noted on Twitter this morning, "Rumor has it Adam Vinatieri was [at the Patriots Hall of Fame] recently... bet he was checking out his custom chopper that's on display."

Five seasons have passed since Vinatieri kicked for the Patriots.

Today's question: What is your feeling toward Vinatieri and his return to visit the Patriots Hall of Fame?