Should teams be fined for flagrant hits?

Sometimes the best ideas for posts in the blog come from you, the readers. Such is the case here.

Commenter "augmandingolives", in a posting earlier today, suggested bringing this topic to the forefront: NFL teams will be fined for players who deliver repeated flagrant hits?

"It's guaranteed to elicit some strong opinions," augmandingolives wrote.

I'll share my opinion, and then ask for yours (feel free to post in the comments section).

I think this is over the top. I feel as if the game is already over-regulated and this just adds another layer to that.

The first thing I thought of was Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather from last season when he had the multiple high hits against the Ravens, the second of which led to him being taken out of the game by Bill Belichick.

Do we really believe that if teams are now fined for situations like these that they won't happen?

I can't imagine Belichick would coach things any differently, and his actions of taking Meriweather out of the game spoke volumes about his feelings on the hits, and how he coaches that aspect of the game.

Hits to the head should be taken seriously, and the topic should continue to be stressed, but I don't see how fining teams helps the issue other than from a public perception standpoint. And that doesn't even factor the inconsistency in which fines are levied, or not levied, which seems to confuse players on a week-to-week basis more than clear up the issue.