Tedy Bruschi on ESPNBoston radio

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi was a guest on ESPNBoston radio with Adam Jones on Thursday afternoon, touching on a variety of topics. Audio of the interview can be heard here, and includes some of the following topics:

1. Recapping his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. "You really can't train for that altitude. You don't know how it's going to affect your body," he said, noting that he got emotional during the climb.

2. Reaction to NFL rule changes on hits to the head. "I think it's what has to be done," he said. "It's all about targets -- where you hit the player. You can still lay a great hit on somebody."

3. Lockout and Roger Goodell's remarks that fans are tiring of it. "You just agree with it. All of us that love football so much are growing tired of it," he said. "The longer the lockout goes, the more damaging it will be."

4. How college game could benefit from lockout. "I think the popularity of college football will rise. If there is no NFL on Sunday, why not put college on Sunday?" he said.

5. Recapping the Patriots' draft. "I'd like to see a pass rusher -- I think we all would have, yes ... but it looks like the Patriots have a lot of DBs who can get the job done," he said.