A feel for how the Patriots prepare

Bill Belichick has said that he enjoys the weekly challenge of preparing for a game, and the idea of outworking an opponent leading up to kickoff. Along those lines, receiver Julian Edelman shed light on the level of preparation the Patriots achieve on a weekly basis, starting with quarterback Tom Brady.

"The thing you learn about with him — you literally prepare for everything. They’ll put out archives of when the head coach was an offensive coordinator somewhere five, 10 years ago and had a play where he influenced this or that — that one percentage that could happen," Edelman told NFL.com's Marc Sessler during his visit to NFL Network studios on Monday.

And as for what it's like with Belichick and preparation, Edelman explained the atmosphere.

"You always have to be prepared for meetings because — it’s like higher education — there could be a pop quiz. He could ask you, “Who’s this guy? What’s he like? What’s their punter like?” They’ll single you out. They’ll single anyone out," Edelman told Sessler. "You got to be on your toes. You got to take it serious — it’s your job. That’s the ultimate difference between that and how college was."

EXTRA POINT: Edelman also conducted a field demo on NFL Network in which he goes through the ins and outs of the slot receiver.