Poll: Gillette & tough NFL venues

ESPN.com generates some football chatter today with its weekly "power rankings" series, focusing on the toughest venues to play. Gillette Stadium ranks seventh.

One of the hot-button topics since Gillette opened in 2002 is how much of a home-field advantage the Patriots have there. The team has been excellent at home, but how much has the crowd really contributed to that?

Some look at the prime red seats in the middle of the field, which are part of the club, as an area that could be filled with more rabid fans to create a more hostile environment. Others point to some of the resounding victories in recent years -- such as last season's 45-3 drubbing of the Jets -- as evidence that Gillette can still rock with the best of them.

When it comes to Gillette and its standing as a tough venue to play, where do you stand?

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