Welker & his place among NFL receivers

From this view, Pat Kirwan of NFL.com and Sirius XM NFL Radio is one of the go-to-guys in the media when it comes to insight on the league. His front-office background, coupled with his knack for taking the complicated and simplifying it, makes him an enjoyable read.

Kirwan is back at it today with his view of the NFL's wide receiver landscape.

In a piece now posted on NFL.com, he breaks down NFL receivers into 10 categories, with five receivers apiece in each category (listed alphabetically). The Patriots have one pass-catcher on the 50-player list: Wes Welker.

Kirwan puts Welker in the "D" category, meaning he's in the 15-20 range.

"A machine in the slot but drops a few passes on occasion," Kirwan writes. "He still has the second-most receptions over the past two seasons (209) and has 432 catches since 2007."

Next to each receiver, Kirwan also shares his opinion on whether the player is on the rise, maintaining their status, or on the decline. He puts Welker in the final category -- on the decline.

Today's question: Would you agree that Welker is on the decline?