Brady lauds QB mentor in MMQB

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady shares his thoughts on his ailing quarterback mentor, Tom Martinez, with Sports Illustrated's Peter King in this week's "Monday Morning Quarterback" column.

Martinez, sadly, has been told he has less than one month to live.

"We've been trying to get together this offseason for a session, and finally we met last Sunday at an indoor facility in San Carlos. We spent two hours there," Brady tells King. "He analyzed what I was doing, just like always. And when I got in the car with my dad afterward, I said to him, 'It's unbelievable how much he knows -- how much he helps me.'"

Brady tells King that he keeps 16 years worth of notes from Martinez in his Blackberry, which he refers to "my guide to stay right with my mechanics.''

"Every time you step on the field, whether there's weather, whether you're on the road, where you've got a big pass-rush coming, it always comes down to mechanics," Brady says in MMQB. "He instilled in me the importance of doing things the right way, every time.''