Chung: Workouts at BC aided rookies

Safety Patrick Chung speaks with Pro Football Weekly's Kevin Fishbain about his approach this offseason (training in Foxborough), as well as the benefits of informal workouts at Boston College a few weeks ago.

"You've got to be on time -- receivers have to be on time with quarterbacks, DBs have to be on time with the communicating," he tells Fishbain. "It was also good to get the rookies out there to get them a jump on the playbook."

The timing, along with team camaraderie, were two of the primary benefits of the workouts. And as Chung notes, the boost the workouts gave to rookies is also big, since they hadn't been issued playbooks by the team because of the lockout.

For example, with cornerbacks Leigh Bodden and Kyle Arrington not attending the informal workouts, second-round pick Ras-I Dowling sometimes lined up across from Devin McCourty at right cornerback. This gave Dowling not only a chance to meet many of his new teammates for the first time, but also an introduction to some basic concepts the defense runs.

Chung pointed to Tom Brady and Jerod Mayo as two players who helped organize the workouts, before noting two others.

"Vince Wilfork and Kevin Faulk as well, whatever those guys say, it's going to happen," Chung tells Fishbain. "The guys that follow them will make sure everybody listens to them also."