Positive news for Brady's QB mentor

Tom Martinez, the longtime quarterback mentor for Tom Brady, has received positive news regarding his health.

Martinez was back on the sidelines Saturday at a California football camp, telling the San Francisco Chronicle: "I'm feeling better and I'm optimistic after being almost completely certain that I was going to die."

The Chronicle piece, by Vittorio Tafur, also notes that Martinez worked with Brady on Thursday.

"Martinez is still Brady's mentor," Tafur writes. "In fact, just Thursday, he left the UCLA hospital a little early and got together with Brady and Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, another Peninsula native, for a workout. And he pointed out three or four things in Brady's footwork and throwing mechanics that needed cleaning up."

Three weeks ago, Martinez had a message posted to his Facebook page that he was told he had less than one month to live.

Martinez' health, and his impact on Brady's career, was highlighted in Peter King's weekly "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece that week.