Which free agent catches the eye?

A Patriots mailbag will be posted on ESPNBoston.com a bit later today, and it leads off with free-agent thoughts.

Along those lines, two links today provide a nice snapshot of some of the available free agents should the rules be similar to 2009, which appears to be the way things are headed.

1. Opinion of top 50 free agents. Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com ranks his top 50 available free agents. No Patriots are on the list (Matt Light?), which one might say reflects well on how New England management has positioned the team during the lockout.

2. Focusing on influx of 4th and 5th year players. Pat Kirwan of NFL.com notes that with fourth- and fifth-year players potentially being eligible for free agency, it would flood the market with more quality options.

I've put together a list of possible Patriots free-agent targets for the mailbag that will be posted later today. Until then ...

Today's question: Which potential available free agent catches your eye for the Patriots?