Matt Light and top free-agent list

Earlier today, Pete Prisco's opinion piece on the top 50 free agents available this offseason (from CBSSports.com) was highlighted in this space. It was also noted that no Patriots players were on the list.

Left tackle Matt Light would have been the top candidate to be part of Prisco's list, so as a follow-up, Prisco was asked where he would have ranked Light if more players were added.

"I think Light is a decent player, but with 10 years experience, I just don't think I would give him a long-term deal," Prisco responded via email. "If a team is looking for that two-year stop-gap player, he would make sense. But not for a long-term deal. I know he has struggled some in recent years with speedy rushers. That's a concern. He was close to being at the bottom of my 50, but I had to cut somewhere."

The door is still open on Light's return to New England, depending on what type of market generates for his services when free agency begins. It's hard to imagine the Patriots setting the market for Light; instead letting the market dictate how far they would extend themselves to bring him back.

It might be asking too much for first-round draft choice Nate Solder to step right in from Day 1 (which Light did in 2001), as he hasn't had any work in offseason camps or in the team's strength program, so this adds another dynamic to consider when it comes to Light's possible return.