Waltham's Mula shares lockout insight

A decision was made early in the offseason to not fill this space with too much lockout talk.

While the lockout is the big story of the offseason, the feeling was that readers come here for Patriots-specific information, and unless the lockout chatter had a direct impact on the Patriots (e.g. owner Robert Kraft helping spearhead talks with players), it was better to let it pass and focus on more team-specific issues while the more-informed national reporters focused on the lockout.

Today represents a minor shift in that thinking.

With talks now at a critical stage, the call was made to Waltham's Jack Mula, the former player agent and Patriots general counsel/personnel, to share his perspective. It seemed like the perfect mix -- a chance to address where things stand with the lockout, but with a Patriots twist.

The result is a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com.