Grantland: 2 with Pats ties 'least valuable'

On Grantland.com, the new website in which Bill Simmons serves as editor-in-chief, writer Bill Barnwell runs a reverse play against the NFL Network's recent Top 100 players poll.

"Who cares if somebody puts Peyton Manning ahead of Tom Brady or vice versa? They're both great. A much more interesting use of the players' time would have been to list the most worthless players in the NFL," Barnwell writes. "So, here we go … This list of the 25 worst players in the league accounts for playing time, expectations, and salary. It focuses on the 2010 season ..."

Two players with Patriots ties appear on the list.

Running back Laurence Maroney, the team's first-round pick in 2006, makes the cut at 25.

"Maroney spent most of his time in New England on the training table or working on his dreads, but the Broncos still dealt a fourth-round pick (getting a sixth-rounder in return) for a guy who promptly gained 74 yards on 36 carries," Barnwell writes. "Then he got arrested for marijuana possession after a Rick Ross concert, which would only have been worse if Rick Ross actually made the arrest."

Cornerback Darius Butler ranks 10th.

"Butler began the season as a starter by allowing teams to go 26-of-35 for 253 yards in two games against him (plus two pass interference calls)," Barnwell writes. "He got benched and came in for three plays the following game, allowing a completion and missing a tackle before disappearing again. It took him six weeks to get any playing time after that."