Breaking down what's on season tickets

The Patriots mailed out season tickets this week and unlike past years, there are no fully identifiable players on them (likely a result of the lockout and uncertainty of the offseason).

Each game has been given a theme. Here is the breakdown:

Preseason Game 1 -- Jaguars

"The Preparation" (Bill Belichick photo)

Preseason Game 2 -- Giants

"The Anticipation" (generic kicking shot, at tight angle)

Game 1 -- Chargers

"The Passion" (fan photo)

Game 2 -- Jets

"The Rivalry" (action shot of Pats and Jets helmets colliding)

Game 3 -- Cowboys

"The Game Plan" (blurred shot of QB looking at play calls on wrist)

Game 4 -- Giants

"The Atmosphere" (Patriots End Zone Militia)

Game 5 -- Chiefs

"The Destination" (player diving for pylon with ball)

Game 6 -- Colts

"The Teamwork" (group of players' hands joining on raised ball)

Game 7 -- Dolphins

"The Elements" (football on snowy field)

Game 8 -- Bills

"The Tradition" (three white Pat Patriot helmets)