Bodden: Injury could prolong career

Veteran cornerback Leigh Bodden is looking at the bright side of the shoulder injury that knocked him out of the 2010 season. Entering his ninth NFL season, he thinks it might help him play longer.

"The only positive I can look at is I feel as if I may have added one or two years to my NFL life," he told senior writer Alek Frost of the National Football Authority. "Just not taking that pounding during the year, yes I had a shoulder injury but they repaired it and it feels great, luckily it wasn’t my legs. That’s what I really need to play."

Also in the interview, Bodden predicted that the Patriots wouldn't suffer from a lockout lag.

"I feel like teams that have been together, that have veteran leadership and have veteran players, that have been there and know how to work [will have an advantage]," Bodden told the National Football Authority. "I’m sure a coach like Bill [Belichick] is prepared for this lockout and knows what he wants to do when he gets there. He’ll have us on the same page working like we never missed a beat."