Weekly Patriots mail is delivered

Every Tuesday on ESPNBoston.com, questions from Patriots followers are answered as part of a weekly mailbag. This week's mailbag has been posted and includes some of the following topics:

1. The Patriots being in good position, from a roster building standpoint, as the lockout nears its end.

2. Logan Mankins and his role as a plaintiff in the antitrust suit against the NFL.

3. The possibility of cutting two-a-day practices and how it affects the Patriots.

4. How altering rookie contracts could alter the Patriots' draft strategy.

5. Assessing Matt Light's situation as an unrestricted free agent; will Nate Solder start from Day 1.

6. Projecting the starting offensive line.

7. Jermaine Cunningham and Brandon Spikes entering their second NFL season; what to expect from them.