Reminiscing with CB Ellis Hobbs

WEST WARWICK, R.I. – Former Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs is back in the region this week, hosting his first football/life skills camp. After Tuesday’s session at West Warwick High School, Hobbs sat down with ESPNBoston.com and reminisced about his time with the Patriots.

His fondest memories from four seasons (2005-2008) in New England?

“The 18-0 season, even though it ended bad,” Hobbs answered. “Every time we beat a team, in the locker room, Tedy Bru[schi] would play the song ‘Another one bites the dust’. Then we would go from that to Orange Juice [Jones] and ‘I saw you walking in the rain.’ I don’t know why, but those two songs stick with me. Those were some great times.”

Former teammates Brandon Meriweather and Jerod Mayo have been guests at the camp this week.

“It’s funny, I haven’t seen these guys in a while, but we constantly keep up with one another. I see them on the Twitter, and things like that,” Hobbs said. “It’s weird, because you created this bond with these guys, and then it was kind of torn away because of business. But we picked up where we left off. We’re giving hugs, slapping each other 5, and it’s all genuine. It’s because there is a mutual respect and a real brotherhood there.”

Hobbs was asked which Patriots players he keeps in contact with on a regular basis.

“The whole squad,” he said. “Mayo. Ty Warren, I was just at his football camp. Richard Seymour, I text him constantly. I just saw Vince [Wilfork]. Pierre Woods. Deion Branch. Artrell Hawkins, believe it or not. Kevin Faulk. Benjamin Watson. The list can go on and on. This is real life beyond the football.”