Franchise tag, Mankins & the future

ESPN.com's report on NFL owners approving the proposed labor deal includes information about the franchise tag, which has a tie-in to Patriots guard Logan Mankins.

Here is the part of the story on the franchise tag:

The players were unable to negotiate a one-time only application of the franchise tag, which is something that was of particular interest to the plaintiffs in the Brady vs. NFL antitrust case.

An NFLPA official said: "Are we happy with that result? No. Is it worth hanging up a deal with 1,900 players? No. The tag has had very few multiple uses and does carry some financial rewards for players. Not allowing more transition tags, via right of first refusal, was a big victory. That would have impact more free agents than franchise tags."

ANALYSIS: This means that the Patriots retain leverage in potential contract talks with Mankins, as they hold a trump card of being able to place the franchise tag on Mankins in 2012 and beyond. In a related note, Mankins reached out to the NFLPA* on Thursday (release from the NFLPA here) to express his support for a fair settlement good for all players.