Welker: Getting 'back into the groove'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Here are some soundbites from wide receiver Wes Welker's media availability as he returned on Tuesday to Gillette Stadium:

Different feel to training camp. "I think we'll be OK. I think a lot of guys have been working hard this offseason and getting ready. The main thing is getting into the groove of hearing the play calls again. After a certain amount of time it gets away from you a little bit. Hearing the play calls again and getting back into that groove is going to be good for us."

Itching to get back. "There was a few weeks ago when I flew out to [Los Angeles] to work with [quarterback] Tom [Brady] and it was nice to just get out there and throw the ball around, and get back into a groove a little bit. It kind of gets you excited about the year and [makes you want] to get out there. It was definitely one of those deals where you knew it was going to happen but you didn't really know. Now that it's here, you're really excited about it. You're happy it's here and you're really looking forward to it."

Thoughts on Robert Kraft. "It's always great to have Mr. Kraft in your corner. You always know he's the integral part of what got this deal done. I don't think there's any question of that. I think a lot of owners look to Mr. Kraft to make those things happen. It's great to have an owner like that who has as much passion for the game as you do. Even through what he's gone through with [Myra] Kraft, for him to really put us with his family, as part of his family almost, to get the deal done and put everything aside, he's a heck of a guy and a heck of a man."