Quick hits from Bill Belichick

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A few quick hits from Bill Belichick's opening news conference of training camp:

Opening statement. "Welcome back. It's been a very busy three days for us. Four now, I guess, from Monday to this morning. Trying to juggle a lot of balls in the air between player personnel rules, contract rules, practice rules, assembling the team, getting everyone in here, trying to get them out on the field, start getting our training camp going, adjusting some practice, things like that, from what we normally do. Just trying to get everything underway and get a smooth flow here. A lot of work to do, but we're excited to get started. It was good to see everybody back and we're just kind of taking it hour by hour; I wouldn't say day by day yet. One step at a time. Try to get through practice, or walkthrough this morning, practice this afternoon, and just try to get everything up and running. As usual, there have been a number of, and will be, some personnel transactions; we're right in the middle of free agency throughout the league. We've been involved in some of those as well. I talked to [Redskins coach] Mike Shanahan last night and we're in the acquiring process of [Albert] Haynesworth, but that's not complete yet. So I can't really comment on that at this point until it's completed, if it does get completed. We'll see how all that goes. Otherwise, it's good to be out there, good to get going, and looking forward to the start of training camp this morning."

On Haynesworth. "We'll talk about it when it's done. ... We'll talk about him when it's finished, if it's finished. Not there yet. ... Again, we're not going to go through the process. If it's completed, then we'll talk about it then."

Defensive philosophy and a Haynesworth-type inside pass rush. "Defensively, the two things you want to do is pressure the quarterback and cover the receivers in the passing game. That's what pass defense is; those two things working together and the timing of it, the coordination of it, and the execution of it, that's what the passing game is all about. You can never have too much pass rush, and you can never have too much pass coverage. You're always trying to improve that."

On being comfortable with the leadership in the locker room. "I have no idea. We haven't even stepped foot on the field. It's a new team, a new year, a totally blank slate. I have no idea what we have right now; we haven't even gotten in the huddle yet. Take it day by day and see how it goes."

On rule changes and how coaching is different from when he first entered the league in 1975. "A lot of things have changed, there are a lot of things that are different than when I started coaching, on a lot of levels -- players, technology, equipment we use and so forth. I think that's part of it. I'm sure there have been changes in your business over the last few years. ... Bob Dylan talked about that 50 years ago."