Stats glance: How Haynesworth could help

ESPN Stats & Information's Jeremy Lundblad checks in with three areas to note with soon-to-be-Patriot Albert Haynesworth (read the full story HERE):

* Haynesworth and the 3-4: Haynesworth's 30.5 sacks are the seventh most among active defensive tackles. However, only one of those sacks came with just three defenders on the line, according to STATS LLC.

In many ways, the 3-4 alignment was Haynesworth's downfall in Washington. He made a good deal of noise about his dislike for it. The Patriots have long used a 3-4, which calls into question how Haynesworth will fit in.

It's worth noting that there will be plenty of snaps outside of that alignment even if no adjustments are made to accommodate Haynesworth. New England used a 3-4 on 40.1 percent of defensive snaps in 2011, just the 11th most in the NFL. Compare that to the Redskins, who used it on 50.6 percent of snaps, fifth most in the NFL.

That said, don't expect a 4-3, in which the Pats lined up on only three of 1,056 defensive plays last season.

* A weapon on third down: Even if he isn't a presence in a 3-4 alignment (which remains to be seen), Haynesworth still brings a great deal of value to a defensive front that struggled to pressure the quarterback.

Consider that over the past three seasons combined, the Patriots have only 50 sacks from defensive linemen. That's the fourth fewest in the NFL over that span.

So perhaps it will be on the pass rush where Haynesworth truly makes his mark. It was on third down where the Patriots were most deficient, managing only eight sacks all season. Only the Jets and Falcons (both with six) had fewer sacks on third down. Even in limited playing time, Haynesworth had 2.5 sacks on third down in 2010. Of his 6.5 sacks in two seasons with the Redskins, 5.5 came on third down.

Opponents averaged 7.75 yards per passing attempt on third down against the Patriots, third highest in the league.