Soundbites from RB Kevin Faulk

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots running back Kevin Faulk spoke with reporters Saturday at Gillette Stadium.

A few soundbites:

On his return. "Before the lockout started, Bill [Belichick] called me and told me, ‘Look, Kevin, I want you on my team in 2011,’ and that was motivation enough for me to go out and rehab my butt off and get ready for the season, whenever it may be and whenever it may come. So, that was pretty much enough for me."

On third-round pick RB Stevan Ridley. "Very smart player. He learns quickly and that’s what Bill loves about him. That’s what the coaching staff loves about him – how smart he was, and how he picked up on things when they actually went out to see him."

On second-round pick RB Shane Vereen. "He seems like a very sharp guy. Like I said, they won’t bring a guy in here that they don’t feel like is very sharp and that can pick up on what we’re doing as a football team and as an organization."

On the Patriots drafting two running backs. "It didn’t faze me or anything because that’s what this team does; they build a championship team and whatever they have to do, that’s what they’re going to do. And I’m a competitor. That’s why I play this game. I want to compete with the best in the NFL."

On when he knew he wanted to play in 2011. "The day I got hurt. That was it."

On how much he missed football. "A whole lot, very much so. Just being able to walk in the building on Wednesday, being able to walk in the building this morning and see some of the guys and them telling me how much they miss me, how good it is to see me in the building. It made me feel good as a football player and as a person."