Caserio on Light, Green-Ellis & Cannon

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Quick hits from Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio’s news conference with reporters:

Contract talks ongoing with Matt Light. “Matt’s been a good player for us for a long time. I’d say there are discussions that are ongoing. I don’t want to put a timetable on it, but Matt’s made a lot of contributions to this team, he’s been a good player, so we’ll see what happens.”

Restricted free agent BenJarvus Green-Ellis on the way. “We’re talking to Benny. I’d think at some point here during the week he’s going to here.”

Marcus Cannon update. “I think he’s still kind of going through his process. He looks great. He’s done everything he’s been asked to do to this point. I think we’re all optimistic. I don’t think we’re going to rush into anything. I think we’re going to kind of let that timetable run its course. He’s here. He’ll be here. I think there are a few more steps along the way that he’ll have to take care of. Marcus has been great, he’s doing great, he’s in good spirits. We’re optimistic. … The most important thing is for him to be healthy. Whenever we get to that point, when he’s ready to go, then we’ll begin working with him. It’s good to have him here, it’s good to have him around the team. He’s moving in the right direction. Things look promising to this point, but I don’t want to jump ahead too far.”

Rookie contract negotiations with new wage scale. “The reality is that we’re in unchartered waters, it was the first time. I think every team was trying to figure out what works for them and whatever the plan they have in place. We’re dealing it with the best we can and every team is going through the same thing.”

Managing the workload in the post-lockout environment. “Everybody is working hard. There are a lot of people that are putting in a lot of time and effort, on the coaching staff and on the personnel staff. There are a lot of people who have been involved and everybody is working toward the same goal. We’re excited to be here, we’re excited for the season, we’re excited for the opportunities that are in front of us. At some point, we’ll worry about catching up on sleep.”