Comparing Pats' practice schedules

Patriots players are off today, which is unprecedented this early in training camp. All teams must have a players' day off within the first week of training as part of the new labor agreement.

On Twitter, defensive lineman Vince Wilfork said, "Glad to be back to work but def appreciate a day off 2 Rest and enjoy the family."

With this in mind, consider how different the Patriots' training camp schedule has been compared to last year (from the first open-to-the-public practice). Here is the breakdown:


Day 1 -- Full pads; full pads

Day 2 -- Full pads; full pads

Day 3 -- Walkthrough; full pads

Day 4 -- Full pads; full pads

Day 5 -- Full pads; full pads


Day 1 -- Walkthrough; shorts/shells

Day 2 -- Walkthrough; shorts/shells

Day 3 -- Full pads

Day 4 -- Walkthrough; full pads

Day 5 -- Day off

So at this point last year, Bill Belichick had already had nine full-pad practices (one at a slower tempo). This year, there have been two.