Getting used to new replay rule

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- One of the hot topics among followers on Twitter is the NFL's new replay rule.

Writes @joshalmeida, "Please tell me they aren't going to go under the hood after EVERY TD this season? I think it really slowed game down."

This came into play last night because the Patriots' first two touchdowns -- a Stevan Ridley 1-yard run and Taylor Price's 11-yard touchdown grab -- were reviewed. It did slow the game down, and it stood out because the touchdowns weren't far apart from a time perspective.

The new rule (Rule 15, Section 9) reads this way: "Replay official will initiate review of all scoring plays throughout the game. The Replay official cannot initiate a review for a team, and a team is prevented from challenging a play, if that team commits a foul that prevents the next snap."

Basically, this only applies to close plays.

As viewers probably noticed, there was no delay after the team's other touchdowns. Those were pretty clear-cut and thus the new rule didn't delay the action because the replay official could quickly confirm those scores.

But if it's close, expect a review and the game being slowed down.