Highlighting 1st half offensive snaps

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- After Thursday's preseason opening win, coach Bill Belichick said, "We looked at a lot of people, a lot of young players, and that was kind of the idea – to get them in there and let them play – and we let them play against some better people there in the beginning of the game, so we’ll get a good evaluation of them."

With this in mind, here is a look at the offensive snaps by players in the first half, which spotlights those who got the most work early in the game against top competition (small margin for error, as charted in press box):

LG Thomas Austin -- 34 of 34

QB Brian Hoyer -- 34 of 34

RG Mark LeVoir -- 34 of 34

RT Steve Maneri -- 34 of 34

C Rich Ohrnberger -- 34 of 34

LT Nate Solder -- 34 of 34

WR Taylor Price -- 31 of 34

TE Aaron Hernandez -- 24 of 34

RB Stevan Ridley -- 21 of 34

TE Lee Smith -- 21 of 34

WR Buddy Farnham -- 19 of 34

WR Jeremy Ross -- 13 of 34

RB Danny Woodhead -- 13 of 34

WR Julian Edelman -- 8 of 34

TE Will Yeatman -- 8 of 34

WR Matthew Slater -- 7 of 34

TE Carson Butler -- 3 of 34

FB/RB Sammy Morris -- 2 of 34

ANALYSIS: Danny Woodhead took 10 of the first 12 running backs snaps. ... TE Aaron Hernandez figures to be a big part of the team's two-minute offense, as he got good work in that package. ... RB Stevan Ridley, who has been challenged in pass-protection drills in camp, got quality work in the two-minute package as well. ... Good shotgun snapping from center Rich Ohrnberger in the two-minute, which is an often-overlooked aspect of playing the center position in this offense. ... WR Taylor Price, as noted by Tedy Bruschi in his "Bruschi on Tap" piece, was given the opportunity to be the No. 1 receiver in this game.